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We currently offer a wide range of web-based services and products which are sure to provide you with the tools you need to get ahead of the pack. We base our product development and features on direct input from our customers. Doing this allows us to offer customized solutions that meet the specific needs of our customers. We also make adjustments to our products as needed, based on the feedback from our users. We are committed to working on the development of new and innovative solutions that get you ahead of the competition and keep you there.

Our products and services are designed to suit the demands of various business models. No matter how large or how small your distribution region may be, we have a module to fit every budget!


We believe it is important to offer you more than simply selling software. When you partner with Spotlight Innovations, you will receive the following additional services along with the purchase of our products:

  • Training for Your Users - We communicate with your users and teach them how to use our programs, we provide support for problems, and we take suggestions for improvements.
  • Sales Training - We work with your sales reps and try to convert the order-taking-mentality to more of an account-management-mentaility. This shift allows your sales reps to focus more on Business Development
  • Marketing and Purchasing Staff Training - It is essential to your business to create strong relationships with vendors and manufacturers. We work with your buyers to show them effective approaches to maximizing profits, sales, and product visibility.
  • Vendor / Broker Relationships - We want to show you how to interact with manufacturers you do business with in order to enhance the overall product presentation and develop new ideas to maximize sales results.
  • Market Knowledge - We provide you with new marketing concepts, trends, and ideas from around the industry so you can use this knowledge and make educated decisions about how to grow your business.
  • Product Enhancements - We frequently update our products with new features and enhancements, often based on the feedback of our users. This results in easier ordering customers and, in turn, more profits for you.
  • Message Center - Our products include user messaging where your users can securely send messages to other users exclusively within your company without having to worry about spam, lost or deleted emails. This empowers your customers with the ability to post messages to their sales rep and communicate directly with your vendors when they need additional information about specific items.
  • Post Evaluation Reports - Spotlight provides post show / promotion evaluation reports to illustrate where you succeeded and can identify areas of possible improvements. Tracking results will provide you with important information that you can share with your vendors when it's time to sign up for the next Marketing Program.
  • Data Integration - Our staff are experts in data integration and can assist in having our systems automatically share data to and from your existing business system.

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