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In today's business environment, it often feels there's more work that needs to get done and less time to actually complete it. It is not easy to accomplish goals without help from technology. At Spotlight Innovations, we create innovative solutions that will eliminate tedious paperwork and bring a new perspective to your daily routine.

Our solutions excel in handling complicated tasks while being very user-friendly. We want your customers to understand the convenience of using the technology our products offer them. Spotlight Innovations' products and solutions will streamline your customer's ability to place orders and save them time and energy. This means you will realize an increase in sales as well as profits! Our products and solutions are designed with efficiency and more productivity in mind, and we adjust them accordingly to meet your changing needs.

Innovative Solutions

Our products and solutions are designed to fill the pieces that are missing in your current sales and marketing infrastructures. We combine our experience and knowledge with direct input from distributors during the design process, and the results are products and soltuions that fill your specific needs. We understand that flexibility and agility are key elements necessary to seamlessly integrate our products with your exisitng systems.

Virtual Market

Collect orders from your customers 24 hours a day / 7 days a week, market and promote specific items, track order sales and sales history, plus much much more!

Vendor Services

A Vendor Negotiation system that helps you get the best savings for the products you sell. Equip your product's vendors with the tools to add and update item information and images.

Web Promotions

Extend your promotional shows from a few days or up to 8 weeks! Allow your customers more time to shop promotions, offer additional web-only promotions and gain more customer interaction during the live show.

Document Center

Showcase those items that are very complex and are not necessarily ordered without planning. You now have a way to provide all of the specifications for your detailed offerings to your customers. This is a great solution for foodservice stations!

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